Joe Cooper

About Joe Cooper

I'm a web developer slash creative technologist who wants to build neat things. I love performant animations, sensible code, page transitions, accessible content, and apps with juuuust the right amount of zhoosh.

I'll try to keep the backstory brief: I’ve been dabbling in web design since I was 11, during the halcyon days of AOLPress. I began offering web design and development services professionally to clients in 2014 and broadened my horizons to include visual design of all kinds. I’m passionate about social justice and spent my early career working at CASES, where I became the Associate Director of Communications & Design. Since then, I've worked at Madwell, a Brooklyn-based creative agency where I'm a Senior Developer.

In addition to anything web tech, I also enjoy record collecting, emulating old Nintendo games, grilling burgers, and rooting for the (now weirdly good?) Buffalo Bills.

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